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SQLiteODBC Documentation


SQLite ODBC Driver

This is an open source ODBC driver for the wonderful SQLite 2.8.*
and SQLite 3.* Database Engine/Library. The driver is usable but may
contain bugs. Use it on your own risk.

The current source can be downloaded from*.tar.gz

WIN32 binaries (the ODBC driver DLL, install/uninstall programs) are in

The binaries were made with SQLite 2.8.17, SQLite 3.43.2, MingW
cross compiler and tested on Windows NT 4.0 with the query tool
of MS Excel 97, with StarOffice 5.2 and OpenOffice 1.1 and 2.x.
Execute the sqliteodbc.exe NSIS installer to unpack the necessary
files. This installs the SQLite ODBC driver and creates a System DSN.
To remove the driver use the start menu entries or the UNINST.EXE
program. To create a SQLite data source use the ODBC control panel
applet and provide the name of the SQLite database file to be worked
on as an absolute pathname including the drive letter, eg as
"C:\TEMP\SQLite.DB". The busy (or lock) timeout for the database
can be specified in the respective field. If empty a default value
of 100000 milliseconds is used.

The Win64 installer (sqliteodbc_w64.exe) was made with SQLite 3.43.2,
MingW cross compiler and only rudimentary tested on Windows Vista 64.

Other tests were made on Linux with the "isql" command line tool
and the "DataManager" GUI tool of unixODBC 2.1.0.

Since October 14th, 2001, the driver supports the data types SQL_INTEGER,

Since May 25th, 2002, SQL_LONGVARCHAR is available but rather
experimental. That type is used for SQLite schema containing text
or varchar with a size specifier larger than 255.

The data type mapping obtains per-column meta information from the
"PRAGMA table_info(...)" SQLite statement. If SELECTs are used which
contain columns for which the table qualifier cannot be determined,
no meta information for data type mapping is available and therefore
the database source data type will be SQL_VARCHAR or SQL_LONGVARCHAR
which usually maps to SQL_C_CHAR.

Restrictions of data type mapping:

- Integer and floating point columns in the database are reported
  as NULLs when no digit seen in the column, otherwise all digits
  up to end of string or non-digit are interpreted as the value,
  i.e. '10blurk' is ten, '0blurk' is zero, but 'blurk' is NULL.
- Format for SQL_TIME is hh:mm:ss or hhmmss
- Format for SQL_TIMESTAMP is
  or  YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss[.fraction]
  or  hh:mm:ss[.fraction] YYYY-MM-DD
  The fractional part is expressed as 1E-09 seconds
- The driver puts the ODBC string representations for date/time,
  (eg for "{ts '2001-10-10 12:58:00'}" the substring within the
  single quotes) directly into the SQLite column
- When the DSN Option "JDConv" (Julian Day conversion) is enabled
  the SQLite 3 driver translates floating point column data
  interpreted as Julian Day to/from SQL_DATE, SQL_TIME, and
  SQL_TIMESTAMP data types (supported since May 2013)

Since November 17th, 2001, configure/libtool is used for the Un*x
version which should automatically find the SQLite and unixODBC
(or iODBC) header files and libraries. Do the usual

    $ ./configure && make

followed by

    # make install

in order to get /usr/local/lib/
Of course, you should have installed the unixODBC (or iODBC)
development RPMs since the ODBC header files are required for
the build of the SQLite ODBC driver.

Since May 15th, 2003, (version 0.51), there are two variants
of the SQLite 2.x driver for Win32 platforms: the first (sqliteodbc.dll)
linked against ISO8859-1 SQLite library exporting ODBC/SQL ANSI
functions, and the second (sqliteodbcu.dll) linked against UTF-8
SQLite library exporting ODBC/SQL UNICODE functions.

The UNICODE version is experimental and allows to turn off
wide character SQL data types by its configuration dialog
(checkmark labelled "No WCHAR"). It is known to work on Win32.
It may work on UN*X too using newer version of unixODBC.

To setup a SQLite data source using unixODBC (

  1. Add the driver to /etc/odbcinst.ini:

    Description=SQLite ODBC Driver

  2. Add a DSN to your private ~/.odbc.ini:

    Description=My SQLite test database
    # optional lock timeout in milliseconds

For iODBC (, only versions 3.0.[56] tested) do the
following steps:

  1. Add the driver to /etc/odbcinst.ini:

    [ODBC Drivers]


  2. Add a DSN to your private ~/.odbc.ini:

    [ODBC Data Sources]

    Description=My SQLite test database
    # optional lock timeout in milliseconds

DSN-less connection to the driver

  Using the SQLDriverConnect() API it is possible to connect to
  a SQLite database with these strings (Win32 and UN*X)

    DSN={SQLite Datasource};Database=full-path-to-db;...
    DSN={SQLite3 Datasource};Database=full-path-to-db;...



    Driver={SQLite ODBC Driver};Database=full-path-to-db;...
    Driver={SQLite3 ODBC Driver};Database=full-path-to-db;...

  UN*X (Linux RPM):


Connect string parameters for DSN-less connects

  Database (string)     name of SQLite2/3 database file; default empty
  PWD (string)          password when built with SEE support; default empty
  Timeout (integer)     lock time out in milliseconds; default 100000
  StepAPI (boolean)     if true, use sqlite[3]_step; default false
  NoTXN (boolean)       if true, only pretend transactions; default false
  NoWCHAR (boolean)     if true, don't support WCHAR types for character
                        data; default false
  NoCreat (boolean)     if true and database file doesn't exist, don't
                        create it automatically; default false, unsupported
                        for SQLite2
  LongNames (boolean)   if true, don't shorten column names; default false
  ShortNames (boolean)  if true, enforce short column names; default false
  SyncPragma (string)   value for PRAGMA SYNCHRONOUS; default empty
  FKSupport (boolean)   if true, support SQLite3 foreign key constraints;
                        default false
  JournalMode (string)  value for PRAGMA JOURNAL_MODE; default empty
  OEMCP (boolean)       Win32 only: if true, translate strings from/to
                        UTF8 to current code page; default false
  BigInt (boolean)      if true, force integer columns to SQL_BIGINT;
                        default false
  JDConv (boolean)      if true, use SQLite3 julian day representation for
                        SQL_TIME, SQL_TIMESTAMP, SQL_DATE types; default false
  TraceFile (string)    name of file to write SQLite traces to; default empty
  AttachAs (string)     SQLite3 only: comma separated names to be the attach
                        names to the current database file; default empty
  ILike (boolean)       SQLite3 only: if true, treat ILIKE as LIKE in SQL
                        to mimic PostgreSQL syntax; default false 

Python sample usage with eGenix mx-Extension

    $ python
    >>> import mx.ODBC.unixODBC
    >>> dbc=mx.ODBC.unixODBC.connect("mysqlitedb")
    >>> cur=dbc.cursor()
    >>> cur.execute("create table foo (id int, name string)")
    >>> cur.execute("insert into foo values(1, 'Me')")
    >>> cur.execute("insert into foo values(2, 'You')")
    >>> dbc.commit()
    >>> cur.execute("select * from foo")
    >>> print cur.fetchall()
    [(1, 'Me'), (2, 'You')]
    >>> print cur.fetchall()
    >>> cur.execute("drop table foo")
    >>> dbc.commit()

Build instructions for MS Visual C++ 6.0:
  (unsupported, needs manual fiddling makefiles depending on SQLite version)

... for SQLite 2.x.x

1. Extract the source tarball sqliteodbc.tar.gz
2. Extract the official SQLite 2.x.x sources in the sqliteodbc
   directory which resulted from step 1. Optionally, apply the
   sqlite-locale-patch-28* which matches your SQLite version
3. Setup your MSVC++ environment, ie PATH/INCLUDE/LIB, then
   open a command window, cd to the sqliteodbc directory and enter:

        nmake -f sqliteodbc.mak

   This compiles the SQLite sources first, creates a link library
   of the necessary object files, then compiles and links the ODBC
   driver and the (un)install program.
4. If you'd like to create the UNICODE version of the driver, enter:

        nmake -f sqliteodbc.mak clean
        nmake -f sqliteodbc.mak ENCODING=UTF8

... for SQLite 3.x.x

1. Extract the source tarball sqliteodbc.tar.gz
2. Extract the amalgamation SQLite 3.x.x. sources in the sqliteodbc
   directory which resulted from step 1.
3. Setup your MSVC++ environment, ie PATH/INCLUDE/LIB, then
   open a command window, cd to the sqliteodbc directory and enter:

        nmake -f sqlite3odbc.mak

   This compiles the amalgamation SQLite3 source and the ODBC driver
   first, then and links the ODBC driver and the (un)install program.

Names of Win32 Driver DLLs:

   sqliteodbc.dll    Driver with ISO8859-1 SQLite2 engine
   sqliteodbcu.dll   Driver with UTF-8/UNICODE SQLite2 engine
   sqlite3odbc.dll   Driver with SQLite3 engine

Build instructions for MingW cross compiler for Win32 targets:

  A script named is provided which contains
  all necessary information. It downloads the required SQLite
  source tarballs and builds SQLite and the ODBC drivers. The
  final step is creating an NSIS installer.

Build instructions for MingW cross compiler for Win64 targets:

  A script named is provided which contains
  all necessary information. It downloads the required SQLite
  source tarballs and builds SQLite 3 and the ODBC driver. The
  final step is creating an NSIS installer.

Special build to use System.Data.SQLite on Win32/Win64

  A variant of the SQLite3 ODBC driver can be build which uses
  internal dynamic linking to System.Data.SQLite.dll or sqlite3.dll.
  This feature is turned on when running the mingw*
  scripts with SQLITE_DLLS=2.

Build Instructions for Alpha/Tru64 (OSF1 V5.1) and HP/UX (B.11.23 U ia64)

  Nikola Radovanovic had success with these commands to build
  all required components:

  sqlite (3.6.7):
    ./configure --prefix=$HOME/development --disable-tcl \
    gmake && gmake install

  unixODBC (2.2.12):
    ./configure --prefix=${HOME}/development --disable-gui \
      --without-x --enable-iconv=no
    gmake && gmake install

  sqliteodbc (>0.79):
    ./configure --with-sqlite3=${HOME}/development \
      --with-odbc=${HOME}/development --prefix=${HOME}/development \
    OSF1:  gmake && gmake install
    HP/UX: gmake CFLAGS="+DD64" && gmake install

Build Instructions for RPM based systems

  rpmbuild -tb sqliteodbc-*.tar.gz

Build Instructions for Debian based systems

  tar xzf sqliteodbc-*.tar.gz
  cd sqliteodbc-*
  ./configure && make deb

Win32 install/remove using RUNDLL32

  Each driver DLL provides entry points for ODBC driver installation
  and removal which can be invoked from RUNDLL32.EXE, eg

  ### install sqliteodbc.dll
  C:> RUNDLL32 [path]sqliteodbc.dll,install [quiet]

  ### remove sqlite3odbc.dll
  C:> RUNDLL32 [path]sqlite3odbc.dll,uninstall [quiet]

  If [path] is not provided newer Windows OSes tend to favor the
  sqlite*odbc*dll in system directories over the current directory,
  thus better provide an absolute path to the DLL of interest.
  If the word "quiet" appears anywhere after the DLL/function
  name, no info message boxes pop up (but errors are shown).

Win64 notes

  On Win64 (64 bit versions of Vista, Windows 7 ...) both 32 bit and 64 bit
  drivers can be installed in parallel. The 32 bit drivers are required
  when using 32 bit applications. In order to manage 32 bit data
  sources, the 32 bit ODBC admin tool C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe
  must be used.

MacOSX notes (thanks Steve Palm)

  The driver requires that you have ODBC installed and set up on
  your Mac. Some GUI tools are here:

  The ODBC configuration files can be edited manually as on Linux.
  The files are at:


  Example for odbc.ini:

    [ODBC Data Sources]
    Mail            = SQLite3 Driver

    Driver      = /usr/local/lib/libsqlite3odbc.dylib
    Description = OSX Mail Database
    database    = /Users/n9yty/Library/Mail/V3/MailData/Envelope Index

  Example for odbcinst.ini

    [ODBC Drivers]
    SQLite3 Driver        = Installed

    [SQLite3 Driver]
    Driver = /usr/local/lib/libsqlite3odbc.dylib
    Setup  = /usr/local/lib/libsqlite3odbc.dylib

  The iODBC driver manages provides the utility programs iodbctest
  and iodbctestw (UNICODE) which can be run in Terminal to verify
  the installed data sources.


- improve documentation

Christian Werner


SQLite ODBC Driver

Mon Oct 23 2023 version 0.99991 released

        * update to SQLite 3.43.2
        * fix SQL parsing, thanks Paul Wise for patch
        * update autoconf stuff

Fri Sep 01 2023 version 0.9999 released

        * update to SQLite 3.43.0
        * INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE can produce result set
        * DSN option "ILIKE is LIKE" in SQLite3 driver
        * DSN option "Attach As" in SQLite3 driver
        * better deal with SQL comments
        * cleanup in

Sat Jun 20 2020 version 0.9998 released

        * update to SQLite 3.32.3
        * make all comparisons for table names etc. in SQLTables()
          and friends case insensitive (thanks Kris Habraken for
          initial fix)

Sat Jun 13 2020 version 0.9997 released

        * update to SQLite 3.32.2
        * provide more clean quote hints in type info
        * improve SQLBulkOperations()
        * better deal with auto column names in csvtable module

Sat Feb 24 2018 version 0.9996 released

        * update to SQLite 3.22.0
        * fixes in handling DDL in SQLExecDirect(), thanks
          Andre Mikulec for testing
        * cleanup utf8/unicode conversion functions

Tue Dec 01 2016 version 0.9995 released

        * update to SQLite 3.15.2
        * don't statically buffer result of localeconv()
        * increased some internal string buffers
        * fixes in SQLSetPos()
        * fix locking in xpath module, thanks Abramo Bagnara

Sun Jun 05 2016 version 0.9994 released

        * update to SQLite 3.13.0
        * fix to present file names with slashes to sqlite3_load_extension()

Mon Jan 11 2016 version 0.9993 released

        * update to SQLite 3.10.0
        * fixes in SQLStatistic() for decting unique indices
        * for SQLGetPrivateProfileString() try to load
          first, then
        * eliminated some valgrind warnings regarding strcpy()
        * increased max. length for data source name in Win32
          config dialog
        * configure: detect presence of sqlite3_columndatabasename()
          and sqlite3_columnoriginname()

Mon Apr 13 2015 version 0.9992 released

        * update to SQLite 3.8.9
        * fixed buffer length return in SQLGetStmtAttr*()
        * report SQL_SC_SQL92_ENTRY level for
        * improved configure for cross-compiling

Mon Dec 29 2014 version 0.9991 released

        * update to SQLite
        * Win32 now uses per SQLHDBC locking, thanks
          Bruno Schw"agli for testing
        * fixed crashes in sqlite3_table_column_metadata() use
        * added transaction patches from Jean-Louis Charton

Sat Sep 20 2014 version 0.999 released

        * update to SQLite 3.8.6
        * fixes to improve support of MS Excel 2010
        * treat CTE expressions (WITH ...) like SELECT with
          handling of result set

Mon Jul 21 2014 version 0.998 released

        * update to SQLite 3.8.5
        * no more out of memory condition for zero length
          blobs, thanks Dan Kennedy for initial fix
        * default SQL_BINARY columns to width 255
        * provide default database name as empty string,
          i.e. don't omit "Database=" in connect strings

Fri Mar 28 2014 version 0.997 released

        * update to SQLite
        * Win32 inst.exe does not provide default database name
          for system DSN anymore (thanks Walter Tsui for suggestion)
        * improved parsing width/precision in schema
          (thanks Jean-Louis Charton for initial fix)
        * removed artificial delay in SQLCancel()

Sun Dec 08 2013 version 0.996 released

        * update to SQLite 3.8.2
        * when length/indicator parameter to SQLBindParam*() is
          a NULL pointer for SQL_CHAR, treat it like SQL_NTS
        * fixes in ZIP read-only extension module
        * update sqlite+tcc module to TCC 0.9.26
        * for SQLite3/4 drivers allow recursive ODBC escape sequences
        * added partial implementation of SQLBulkOperations()
          in SQLite3/4 drivers
        * added SQL_UPDATE/SQL_DELETE/SQL_ADD handling in SQLSetPos()
          of SQLite3/4 drivers

Wed Sep 11 2013 version 0.995 released

        * update to SQLite
        * enhanced MinGW cross make/build scripts to support
          generating with newer MSVC runtimes, e.g. Visual
          Studio 2010 msvcr100.dll

Tue Aug 27 2013 version 0.994 released

        * update to SQLite 3.8.0
        * enhanced fixupsql() regarding ODBC escape sequences
        * fixes in Win32 dialog option handling of julian day conversion
        * allow simple EXPLAIN statements to return result sets
        * use sqlite3_close_v2() if available

Thu May 23 2013 version 0.993 released

        * update to SQLite 3.7.17
        * added julian day conversion for SQL_DATE/SQL_TIME/SQL_TIMESTAMP

Mon Apr 01 2013 version 0.992 released

        * update to SQLite
        * enhancements in XPath virtual table module

Wed Mar 20 2013 version 0.991 released

        * update to SQLite 3.7.16
        * added experimental libxml2 XPath virtual table module
        * added Michael Brey's configure fixes
        * added Zac Vawter's patch for Win32 ExpandEnviromentStrings()
          on database file names
        * fixes for Windows 8 64bit (SetWindowLongPtr())
        * added experimental SQLite4 driver
        * fixes in impexp extension module
        * added manifests to adddsn.exe/inst.exe

Fri Dec 14 2012 version 0.99 released

        * update to SQLite 3.7.15
        * added read-only support for embedded SQLite3 databases
          in zipfile extension, and on Linux r/w support using
          mremap() system call
        * fixed missing fclose() in blob_export SQLite function
        * added proper handling for SQL_DIAG_CURSOR_ROW_COUNT and
          SQL_DIAG_ROW_COUNT in SQLGetDiagField()
        * fixed return code for CREATE/DROP stmts in SQLPrepare()
          and SQLExecDirect() thanks Peter Harvey for reporting
        * fixed missing SQL_DIAG_DYNAMIC_FUNCTION case in
          SQLGetDiagField(), thans Peter Harvey for reporting
        * SQLGetData fixes for JDK1.7 on x86_64
        * added UN*X build of ZIP read-only extension module

Sat Oct 06 2012 version 0.98 released

        * update to SQLite
        * fixes in floating point retrieval for MSVC, thanks
          Ben van der Merwe for reporting and test
        * added ZIP read-only extension module (zipfile)
        * fixes in CSV table extension module
        * fixes in handling default DSNs for Win32, thanks Zac Vawter
          for patch

Thu Sep 06 2012 version 0.97 released

        * update to SQLite 3.7.14
        * added CSV table extension module (csvtable)
        * added handling of SQL_DATA_AT_EXEC for parameter binding
        * increased file name buffers for Win32
        * length fixes in Win32 version of SQLDriverConnectW()

Sun Jun 24 2012 version 0.96 released

        * update to SQLite 3.7.13
        * allow "PRAGMA" SQL command to return result set
        * fixed UCS-2 surrogate sequences and UTF-8 translation,
          thanks KamLeong Lai for fix and testing

Sat May 19 2012 version 0.95 released

        * update to SQLite 3.7.12
        * fixed compiler warnings
        * now build SQLite 2 driver for Win64, too

Wed Jan 25 2012 version 0.94 released

        * update to SQLite 3.7.10
        * use new MinGW cross compiler for Win32/Win64 binaries
        * fixed strtol issues regarding timestamp fractional parts
        * filter out ODBC escape sequences {oj ...} etc.

Tue Nov 15 2011 version 0.93 released

        * update to SQLite 3.7.9
        * fixes regarding SQLULEN in Win64
        * added infrastructure for building with SEE
        * added compile option in SQLite3 driver to perform
          dynamic linking to SQLite engine internally in order
          to use (EXPERIMENTAL)
        * SQL_ATTR_METADATA_ID partial support (stmt/conn level)
        * reverted to SQLSetPos() fix of 0.91
        * SQL_ATTR_CURRENT_CATALOG fix, thanks Stanislav Povolotsky

Wed Sep 21 2011 version 0.92 released

        * update to SQLite 3.7.8
        * another SQLSetPos() fix
        * added "Always BIGINT" DSN option
        * bug fixes in blobtoxy extension module
        * segfault in SQLite 2 driver fixed, thanks Dave Peticolas

Thu Jul 07 2011 version 0.91 released

        * update to SQLite
        * updated blobtoxy module interface (xRename was missing)
        * support URI names in SQLite 3 driver when available
        * SQLite 3 driver now uses SQLite memory management routines
        * fixed BIGINT signed/unsigned flag

Thu Jun 09 2011 version 0.90 released

        * update to SQLite
        * added packaging infrastructure for Debian
        * update sqlite+tcc module to TCC 0.9.25
        * added blob_import/blob_export functions to SQLite 3 driver
        * fixes in SQLSetPos()
        * made SQLEndTran() logic simpler, no more automatic rollback
        * reviewed Win32 installer, SQLite 2 now an optional component

Fri Mar 25 2011 version 0.89 released

        * update to SQLite 3.7.5
        * fixes regarding parameter binding (conversions)
        * added JSON output to impexp extension module
        * improved Win32 cross build script

Thu Dec 30 2010 version 0.88 released

        * update to SQLite 3.7.4
        * added logic to parse date/timestamps in MM/DD/YYYY format
        * included Matthew Kirkwood's patch for handling
        * on Windows use CP_OEMCP transcoding for SQL_C_CHAR data
          (DSN option, default is on)
        * further fixes in parameter binding (NULL pointer handling)

Thu Sep 02 2010 version 0.87 released

        * update to SQLite 3.7.2
        * various fixes in parameter set handling
        * again fixes in SQL_TIMESTAMP handling
        * fixes in buffer length handling in SQLBindParameter()
        * basic support for SQLTablePrivileges()
        * support SQL_C_WCHAR for non-wide drivers (POSIX platforms)
        * use sqlite3_profile() for tracing if available
        * more fixes when calling internal variadic functions

Wed May 26 2010 version 0.86 released

        * update to SQLite
        * fixes in handling SQL_TIMESTAMP data regarding fractional part
        * fixes in SQLForeignKeys() and SQLGetTypeInfo() as suggested
          by Farid Zidan
        * SQLGetData() now returns real length instead of SQL_NO_TOTAL
          when the buffer was too small
        * added sqlite3_mod_extfunc.dll from
        * fixed UTF8/UNICODE en/decoding of character range 0x80..0xff
        * fixed SQLSetConnectAttr(..SQL_AUTOCOMMIT..) handling
          as suggested by Simon Schubert

Tue Jan 12 2010 version 0.85 released

        * update to SQLite 3.6.22
        * added JournalMode DSN option
        * again fixes in SQLPrimaryKeys()
        * allow zero length parameter in SQLSetConnectAttr(..SQL_AUTO_COMMIT..)

Wed Dec 02 2009 version 0.84 released

        * update to SQLite 3.6.20
        * SQLStatistics() now reports INTEGER PRIMARY KEY as first index
        * SQL_ATTR_MAX_ROWS for SQLite3 driver
        * fixed memory leaks in SQLPrimaryKeys()
        * try to detect last argument of SQLSetStmtOption()
          needed for newer unixODBC versions

Tue May 26 2009 version 0.83 released

        * update to SQLite
        * fixed UNICODE string length issues in SQLGetInfoW()

Mon May 11 2009 version 0.82 released

        * update to SQLite 3.6.14
        * in driver connect dialog, disable DSN input field
          when driver name property is set on begin of dialog
        * initial Win64 NSIS installer of SQLite3 driver
        * Win64 version of SQLite3 driver can now be made with
          MingW-64 cross compiler
        * eliminated warnings for Win64 build

Tue Apr 14 2009 version 0.81 released

        * update to SQLite 3.6.13
        * use sqlite3_table_column_metadata() when available to
          optimize out "PRAGMA table_info()"
        * configure now prefers the amalgamation SQLite3 source if
          it finds sqlite3.c/sqlite3.h using the --with-sqlite3 switch
        * various hacks to make MS Excel/Query happy
        * various fixes and enhancements in impexp.c
        * keep sqlite3_stmt pointers as long as possible between
          SQLPrepare() and SQLExecute() in order to minimize
          SQLite API calls
        * provide current date when retrieving TIME rows as TIMESTAMP
        * now use amalgamation source sqlite3.c when building
          SQLite3 drivers
        * partial implementation of SQLSetPos(), fixes in length
          handling for deferred parameters, and row-wise parameter
          array binding to make Database Template Library (DTL) happy
        * 64 Bit fixes for getrowdata() thanks Nikolas Taylor for fix

Tue Jan 27 2009 version 0.80 released

        * update to SQLite 3.6.10
        * Tru64 and HP/UX 64 bit fixes and build notes in README
          thanks to Nikola Radovanovic
        * length/indicator fixes for parameter arrays
        * getrowdata fixes for length/indicator and truncation
        * added Win32 build option to use sqlite*.dll instead of
          static linking
        * initial Win64 support, thanks Nikolas Taylor for help
        * fixed x86_64 problems in SQLite2 driver
        * provide ODBC2/ODBC3 column names for metadata w.r.t. SQL_HENV
        * provide proper SQL_DESC_LENGTH for SQL_BIT
        * fixes in SQLBindCol regarding SQL_BIND_BY_COLUMN
          consistent w.r.t. wide-char types
        * fix in iODBC include path in, thanks
          Ingo Bormuth for patch
        * again fixes in SQLGetData for SQL_NO_DATA paths

Mon Sep 29 2008 version 0.79 released

        * update to SQLite 3.6.3
        * fixes in SQLGetData for zero-length SQL_C_CHAR and SQL_C_BINARY
        * fixed off-by-one counting problem for SQL_ATTR_ROW_NUMBER and
          SQL_ROW_NUMBER, thanks Christian Mueller for initial fix

Sun Aug 24 2008 version 0.78 released

        * update to SQLite 3.6.1
        * relaxed fixupsql() parsing to be able to support
          "CREATE TRIGGER ..." SQL statements in SQLPrepare()
        * added XML output format to impexp.c
        * provide SQLAllocHandle/SQLFreeHandle for iODBC, too,
          thanks Nick Davis for patch
        * double free fix in SQLPrimaryKeys(), thanks Ingo Bormuth
          for reporting
        * increased some PRECISION fields in SQLGetTypeInfo()
        * fix in SQLSetConnect(Attr|Option)(..SQL_AUTOCOMMIT..)
          when a transaction is in progress and autocommit is turned on
          again, thanks Sam Kanai for reporting

Sun Jan 06 2008 version 0.77 released

        * update to SQLite 3.5.4
        * fixed length/offset issues in SQLGetData() when reading data
          in multiple chunks, thanks Sam Kanai for reporting
        * fix in parameter binding regarding SQL_C_WCHAR/SQL_NTS buffers,
          thanks Sam Kanai for reporting
        * fix regarding SQL_RESET_PARAMS and unbound parameter semantic,
          thanks Sam Kanai for reporting and providing initial fix
        * fixes in Win32 rundll32 install/uninstall handlers
        * more 64bit fixes
        * fixed wrong typeinfo for time/timestamp
        * now use sqlite3_bind_*() functions for SQLite3 driver's
          parameter passing

Thu Oct 11 2007 version 0.76 released

        * update to SQLite 3.5.1
        * partly reverted SQLPrimaryKeys() change from version 0.73:
          report primary keys from PRAGMA table_info or if none found
          fall back to "*autoindex*" PKs from PRAGMA index_list
        * minor tweaks in regarding libtool mode parameter
          and SQLite3 install targets
        * added handling for SQL_DESC_SCHEMA_NAME in SQLColAttribute()
        * added handling for SQL_ATTR_CURSOR_SENSITIVITY in SQLSetStmtAttr()
        * improved SQLTables()/SQLColumns() regarding pattern search
        * use *printf(3) format %Q instead of '%q' in SQLite 3 driver
        * if available use newer SQLite3 APIs (sqlite3_prepare_v2() etc)

Sat Aug 04 2007 version 0.75 released

        * update to SQLite 3.4.1
        * hack for MS Access' wrong usage of SQLStatistics
          (reserved error -7748)
        * minor code cleanup
        * fixed bug in SQLite2 driver SQLColumns()
        * reworked start transaction logic w.r.t. meta data
          functions like SQLTables()
        * added some additional logic to SQLCancel() and SQLite
          busy handlers

Mon Apr 02 2007 version 0.74 released

        * SQLColAttribute(s)(): provide proper info for
        * SQLPrimaryKeys(): report only real primary keys
          integer/double/date/time/timestamp columns
        * SQLStatistics(): report INTEGER PRIMARY KEY column as
          index when no other indices available
          should be "VARCHAR" instead of "VARCHAR(100)"
        * fixed wrong pointer increments for DSN parsing on Win32
        * minor fixes in blobtoxy extension module

Sun Feb 18 2007 version 0.73 released

        * update to SQLite 3.3.13
        * SQLGetInfo(SQL_OWNER_TERM) now is empty string
        * fixed bug in Win32 version concerning SQLDriverConnect()
        * added -L/-l/-I/-i switches to sqlite+tcc.c

Sat Feb 10 2007 version 0.72 released

        * update to SQLite 3.3.12
        * added case for SQL_DESC_NUM_PREC_RADIX in SQLColAttribute[s]
        * Win32 MinGW build: turn on SQLITE_SOUNDEX
        * UN*X: try before
 for SQLGetPrivateProfileString(),
          the latter are normally only in development packages
        * unquote table names for SQLForeignKeys() and
          pragma foreign_key_list()
        * added Win32 build of experimental sqlite+tcc module
        * fixes/additions in
        * minor changes regarding WITHOUT_DRIVERMGR compile-time switch
        * added new compile-time switches WITHOUT_INSTALLER and
          WITHOUT_SHELL for Win32
        * added blobtoxy and impexp loadable modules, Win32 names
          are sqlite3_mod_blobtoxy.dll and sqlite3_mod_impexp.dll
        * added DSN option LoadExt for specification of loadable
          extensions as comma separated list of pathnames
        * added Win32 build of FTS1/FTS2 to DLLs
          sqlite3_mod_fts1.dll and sqlite3_mod_fts2.dll

Thu Jan 11 2007 version 0.71 released

        * update to SQLite 3.3.10
        * MingW Win32 build: added shell function in
          order to run driver DLL as SQLite shell from rundll32
        * WIN32 thread safety as suggested by Dmitriy Ivanov:
          serialize most SQL*() APIs using critical section on ENV struct
        * implemented SQLGetDiagField(W)(), initial code kindly
          donated by Arnold Schulz
        * more tweaks regarding Win32 code page vs. UTF-8
        * added patches from Debian 0.70 testing
        * on Win32 don't assume that database, DSN, and driver names
          are UTF-8 encoded in SQLite3 driver
        * fixes in corner cases of SQL query substitution
          with 0 parameters and SQL patterns (%)
        * added "ShortNames" DSN option in SQLite 3 driver
        * allow naming a column (no pattern) in SQLColumns()
        * UN*X standard behaviour now is not to build drivers
          with wide char interfaces, this must be turned on
          explicitely by specifying "--enable-winterface" at
          configure time
        * now provide SQL*W functions in Win32 SQLite3 driver, quick
          and dirty ported from sqliteodbc.c, not optimized for
          SQLite 3.x wide char APIs

Sun Aug 20 2006 version 0.70 released

        * update to SQLite 3.3.7
        * fix for SQLBindCol(,,NULL,,) which must unbind column
        * added missing SQL_CATALOG_NAME/SQL_COLLATION_SEQ in SQLGetInfo()
        * added SQLiteODBCInstaller for Win32 as contributed
          by Gunter Hinrichsen
        * added install/uninstall functions in Win32 versions in
          order to allow driver install/remove by rundll32

Sun Jul 23 2006 version 0.69 released

        * added "NoCreat" DSN option in SQLite3 driver to prevent
          from implicit creation of empty database files
        * fixed severe bug in conditional compile for (un)defined
          HAVE_SQLITE3COLUMNTABLENAME, thanks Tim Tassonis for reporting
        * detect and handle SQLITE_SCHEMA errors from sqlite3_prepare()

Fri Jul 07 2006 version 0.68 released

        * update to SQLite 3.3.6, 2.8.17
        * increased default lock timeout to 100000 milliseconds
        * use sqlite3_column_table_name when available
        * improved type mapping/type detect for SQLite3 driver,
          thanks Rainer Keuchel for ideas/initial coding
        * fixed buggy memcpy() in getrowdata(), thanks Rainer Keuchel
        * tweaks in SQLTables()
        * improved .spec file w.r.t. standard RPM/configure places,
        * UN*X version: try to use dlopen() for SQLGetPrivateProfileString()
          in order to become agnostic of unixODBC vs iODBC
        * fixes in SQLite3 driver regarding percent substitution
          for queries with no parameters (eg strftime SQL function)
        * fixes w.r.t. SQL_C_DEFAULT type mapping
        * fixes in SQLParamData()/SQLPutData() again
        * minor changes in Win32 dialog handling

Mon Apr 03 2006 version 0.67 released

        * reworked blob handling in SQLite 2+3 drivers,
          thanks Altan Özgür for testing
        * added NSIS installer script
        * Win32 version can now be made with MingW cross compiler
        * eliminated some more warnings in Win32 DSN config
        * improved SQLite 3 tracing for DSN option "tracefile"
        * added shell scripts
          and Makefile targets drvinst/drvuninst
        * added configure option --enable/disable-winterface to
          turn on (= enable, default) or off (= disable) SQLite 2.x
          SQLITE_UTF8 mapping to SQL*W() functions
        * fixes in accordance with MSDN KB#294169 Unicode length
          arguments mainly in SQLColAttribute[s]*W()

Sat Feb 25 2006 version 0.66 released

        * update to SQLite 3.3.4
        * added DSN option "LongNames" to switch behaviour
          regarding column name truncation
        * eliminated warnings when compiled with GCC 4.x
        * added handling for Unicode 2 word sequences
        * added alpha SQL_BINARY support for SQLite 3 driver
        * fixes regarding SQLParamData/SQLPutData for data-at-execution
        * GCC 4 related fixes regarding signedness warnings
        * added mkopc3.c utility to create opcode.[ch] files for
          newer SQLite 3 (> 3.0.8) sources
        * added SQL_BIT data type handling
        * added SQL_BIGINT data type handling for SQLite 3
        * fixes in fixupsql()
        * some defines to deal with newer ODBC headers
        * fixes w.r.t. va_list handling for sqlite_exec_vprintf,
          sqlite_vmprintf etc.
        * update to SQLite 2.8.16
        * fixes w.r.t. blob handling in SQLite2 driver
        * added DSN option "NoTXN" to disable BEGIN/COMMIT/ROLLBACK
        * added SQL_ATTR_NOSCAN handling
        * added DSN option for PRAGMA synchronous (SQLite3 only)
        * minor fixes concerning return code of SQLFetch() and friends
          w.r.t. non-SELECT statements
        * added SQL_DESC_COUNT handling as requested by Vadim Zeitlin
        * added OS/2 port in SQLite2 driver contributed by Lorne Sunley
        * handle MEMO like TEXT in columns
        * use BEGIN EXCLUSIVE transaction when SQLite >= 3.0.8
        * fixed memory leak in vm_step/s3stmt_step

Thu Oct 07 2004 version 0.65 released

        * first (alpha) version of SQLite3 driver for Win32
        * fixes in Win32 resources
        * minor tweaks in SQLGetInfo()
        * fixes in length return of SQLGetInfoW() concerning UNICODE data
        * fixed errors in orientation/offset handling of SQLExtendedFetch/
          SQLFetchScroll, thanks Lucky Prianata for testing
        * added handling of SQL_ATTR_ROW_BIND_OFFSET_PTR for statements
        * added handling of SQL_ATTR_RETRIEVE_DATA for statements
          (seems to be needed by ADO)

Sun Sep 05 2004 version 0.64 released

        * added row-wise binding for rowsets
        * fixed off-by-one error for SQL_FETCH_PRIOR
        * another bug fix in fixupsql() concerning quotes thanks to
          Justin Foutts
        * always fallback to _ROWID_ in SQLSpecialColumns(SQL_BEST_ROWID)
          even for tables w/o index
        * update to SQLite 2.8.15
        * fixes concerning SQL_COLUMN_LABEL in SQLColumnAttribute(s)

Thu Jul 08 2004 version 0.63 released

        * added tracefile DSN option using sqlite_trace() if available
        * in drvprepare() make SQL check with all parameters set to NULL
        * only use *step() for select statements w/o parameters
          (makes option usable on on Linux)
        * added pre-alpha version for SQLite 3.x
        * added limited support for paramsets/rowset for OTLv4
        * added limited support for named parameters (Oracle-style)
        * fixed problem in SQLBindParameter argument checking
        * when using gcc do printf-style format checks on setstat/setstatd
        * added SQLite functions current_(date|time|datetime)_(local|utc)
        * include SQLite error codes or -1 in native error field in
          SQLError() and SQLGetDiagRec()
        * bug fixes in SQLNativeSql() concerning buffer/length
          semantics, thanks to N Rajesh
        * corrected problems in fixupdyncols (select on views) and
          UN*X version of drvdriverconnect
        * added SQLite functions hextobin/bintohex when
          sqlite_(encode|decode)_binary API available
        * introduced blob handling when sqlite_(encode|decode)_binary
          available (SQLite 2.8.14 made these APIs public)
        * update to SQLite 2.8.14
        * made SQL_COLUMN_LABEL different from SQL_COLUMN_NAME
        * fix in concerning SQLITE_INC/LIBDIR macros,
          thanks to Stefan Radman

Sat May 01 2004 version 0.62 released

        * don't implement some APIs for unixODBC unicode driver version
        * fixed unicode length semantics in SQLGetInfoW()
        * when SQLITE_UTF8 make SQLDriverConnectW() on UN*X, too
        * added missing SQL_DESC_TYPE_NAME case in SQLColAttribute(),
          patch provided by Chris Waters

Sat Apr 24 2004 version 0.61 released

        * fixed getrowdata() to support SQLGetData() with NULL ptr and
          SQLFetch() to retrieve proper data length, thanks to Joel Reed
        * fall back to integer primary key columns in SQLPrimaryKeys()
          and SQLStatistics() when no indices on table found
        * improved auto increment detection

Thu Apr 08 2004 version 0.60 released

        * improved RPM .spec file
        * added heuristic to detect auto increment columns
          (not a 100% solution yet) for better
          support, thanks to Yves Chaufour for OOo testing
        * added property list function for unixODBC setup dialog
        * another SQLFreeStmt(...SQL_CLOSE) fix to make OOo work
        * added implemetation of SQLForeignKeys()
        * removed worker thread support, use sqlite_compile(),
          sqlite_step(), sqlite_finalize() instead, DSN option to
          use that feature is "StepAPI"
        * minimum required SQLite version is now 2.8.0

Sun Mar 21 2004 version 0.56 released

        * update to SQLite 2.8.13
        * fixes in UTF to unicode conversion
        * fixes in handling of length indicator in SQLBindParameter()
        * added SQL_{COLUMN,DESC}_{PRECISION,SCALE} to SQLColAttribute()
        * some unixODBC tweaks related to SQLError()/SQLGetDiagRec()
        * corrections in SQLError()/SQLGetDiagRec() handling,
        * fixed bugs in SQLColAttribute() which crashed
        * added SQL_FETCH_RELATIVE support as requested by Jorge Mason
        * fix in SQLFreeStmt(...SQL_CLOSE): don't unbind bound columns
          thanks to Martin Saturka

Sat Jan 25 2004 version 0.55 released

        * update to SQLite 2.8.11
        * fixes in error messages
        * fixed SQL_IDENTIFIER_QUOTE_CHAR to be double-quote, thanks
          to Mourad Ben Cheikh
        * minor fixes in functions related to SQLColAttribute(s)
        * started support of bookmarks
        * added SQL_DYNAMIC_CURSOR_ATTRIBUTES1 in drvgetinfo(),
          thanks to Jeff Robbins
        * changed "numeric" in mapsqltype() to return SQL_DOUBLE,
          thanks to Cristian Guissani
        * added add[sys]dsn/rem[sys]dsn utility programs for Win32
          as requested by Tom Shafer
        * fix in ParseAttributes() for proper DSN configuration
        * don't automatically rollback in drvexecute()
        * bug fix in UTF8 version for deferred bound parameters
          thanks to Kimmo Hamalainen

Sun Jul 27 2003 version 0.54 released

        * update to SQLite 2.8.5
        * minor fixes in SQLGetDiagRec()
        * when ODBC V3 turned on report proper error codes (eg HY000)
        * added partial support of SQL_ATTR_ROW_BIND_TYPE

Fri Jul 11 2003 version 0.53 released

        * update to SQLite 2.8.4
        * added missing handling of ODBC V3 data type codes SQL_C_DATE,
          SQL_C_TIME, SQL_C_TIMESTAMP in some functions. Thanks to
          Justin at cloudmark dot com

Sun Jun 15 2003 version 0.52 released

        * update to SQLite 2.8.3
        * fixed potential crash in dbopen() thanks to Gene Shkolnik
        * some improvements and hacks for WIN32 ADO
        * for SQL type "float" report SQL_DOUBLE instead of SQL_FLOAT
        * WIN32: export more ODBC V2 symbols
        * fixes in unicode conversions in SQLGetData() and drvbindparam().

Thu May 15 2003 version 0.51 released

        * added support for SQLITE_UTF8 by SQL*W unicode entries,
          partially tested on Win32 only!
        * added ODBC v2/3 handling on SQLAllocHandle etc.
        * use localeconv() to fixup floating point formatting
        * eliminated unnecessary odbcver.h and ctl3d.h from
          *.rc and *.c files, thanks to Roberto Artigas Jr
        * added ODBC version 3 SQL_TYPE_* features
        * fixes in for Solaris, thanks to
          Gene Shkolnik
        * fixed bug in drvbindparam() thanks to Alex Clement
        * switched coroutine handling to use pth_uctx_*() from
          GNU pth package, configure option --enable-pth

Sat Mar 08 2003 version 0.50 released

        * changed freeresult() behaviour in order to allow
          SQLBindCol() column bindings before prepare/execute
        * revision of SQLGetTypeInfo()
        * minor changes in SQLGetInfo() and SQLGetFunctions()

Sat Feb 22 2003 version 0.49 released

        * update to SQLite 2.8.0
        * bug fix in fixupsql() concerning quotes thanks to Alex Clement
        * bug fix in substparam() for SQL_NTS/SQL_NULL_DATA
          thanks to Alex Clement
        * bug fix in drvfetchscroll for wrong column counting
          for SQL_FETCH_ABSOLUTE, thanks to Gene Shkolnik

Thu Jan 02 2003 version 0.48 released

        * cleanup threading
        * added mkopc tool for making opcodes.[ch] on Win32

Sat Sep 14 2002 version 0.47 released

        * fixed NULL pointer derefs in getmd() and mapsqltype()
        * SQLBindCol() now always binds even if no result available

Sat Aug 31 2002 version 0.46 released

        * experimental: configuration option: use coroutine
          instead of thread for running select statements
        * SQLMoreResults() now always returns SQL_NO_DATA
        * use the new PRAGMA show_datatypes if available
        * reworked busy handling logic to use sqlite_busy_handler()
        * now perform sqlite_open() in single function dbopen()
        * changed all pthread_cond_signal() to pthread_cond_broadcast()

Fri Jul 05 2002 version 0.45 released

        * improved timestamp scanning
        * return result set with _ROWID_ for SQLSpecialColumns()
          when no unique column in table
        * fixes in parameter substitution (SQLSetParam())
        * fixed reading data in pieces (SQLGetData())
        * added dummy implementations for SQLTablePrivileges(),
          SQLColumnPrivileges(), SQLProcedures(), SQLForeignKeys(),
        * code cleanup
        * added support for NULL in parameters using %Q
          sqlite_..printf() format specifier for SQLite > 2.4.x

Sun Jun 16 2002 version 0.44 released

        * fixed getbool() to return false on empty string
        * added implementation of SQLParamData(), SQLPutData()
        * fixed values of NON_UNIQUE field in SQLStatistics(),
          store empty INDEX_QUALIFIER field in SQLStatistics()
        * fixes in getrowdata() concerning partial retrieving
          of result set
        * when starting an asynchronous query, set number of
          result rows to -1
        * fixes in SQLBindParameters(), for some datatypes
          the binding was not performed

Sun Jun 09 2002 version 0.43 released

        * replaced all %s in PRAGMAs by '%q' to make SQLPrimaryKeys(),
          SQLStatistics(), SQLSpecialColumns() work on automatic indexes
        * added NULLABLE column to result set of SQLSpecialColumns()
          to support last SQLSpecialColumns() parameter properly
        * additions in SQLGetInfo()
        * added implemetation of SQL(Get|Set)ConnectAttr()
        * improved handling of SQLDriverConnect() for non Win32 OSes
        * improved handling of arguments in SQLTables()

Tue Jun 04 2002 version 0.42 released

        * now use doxygen for docs
        * added ChangeLog
        * added BSD type license

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